Love Stories

Love Stories | Kirstin and Brett
Kristin and Brett are the cutest little cuties! Last December, Brett proposed to Kristin in a snowy candlelit woodland with his great-grandmother's wedding and engagement rings. Knowing Kristin's creative nature as a florist, he suspected these would be the perfect placeholder so she could design something truly unique with us later. Boy, was he right. We all had so much fun creating this asymmetrical one-of-a-kind stunner using gold from great grandma's rings and adding a beautiful new morganite stone. Kristin loved the rosey blush pink next to those white diamonds, and so do we! 
Love Stories | Matt and Golnoush

Matt and Gol! Oh how we ADORE these two. Matt first visited us back in 2019 to design a stunning engagement ring for Gol. It was an honour and a joy to make their wedding bands too, even and in spite of a global pandemic! For all their love pieces, we got to incorporate an heirloom card in 24K Persian gold that Gol's family slipped to Matt on the sly ;) Added meaning and extra value! Oh how we love to infuse old treasures with new love! 

Love Stories | Dante and Dafina
Dante, Dafina and their dog Stanley are such a perfect little family! Last summer, we got a call from Dante to make an engagement ring for Dafina. It was a carefully coordinated undercover operation to get them into the shop and gather all the hints and details we needed. In the end, it totally paid off, and we made a magical teardrop moonstone beauty that has major meaning for these two. We think Stanley would agree!
Love Stories | Sydney and Kristina
sydney & kristina. Inspired and lifted by your love! Sydney and Kristina have been part of our jewel fam since just about day 1, and it’s been the most heart filling honour to jewel them up for all the cute surprises,...
Love Stories | Jen and Warren
Jen and Warren! We love them and love their love. We first had the honour to work with Warren on Jen's dreamy, one of a kind engagement ring, and later got to design with them together for their wedding bands. We are so grateful to have met these love birds and to have been part of their love story. Love like this is what makes our hearts beat! Read about Jen and Warren's love story below and swoon for yourself.
Anice Love Stories: Rachel and Jeff
Here at Anice we are blessed to work with the COOLEST couples and swoon over their love for each other. Rachel and Jeff have been dear clients for a long time and it was truly an honour to work with...