In-Person Jewellery Workshop Policies

Hi Jewel Dreamer!

Thanks so much for booking a jewellery workshop with us! We’re so excited to be able to host this magical creative experience for you. 

Before we get into the fun sparkly part of this event, there are a few important things we need you to sign off on before the day of your workshop. Please read the following policies carefully and let us know if you have any questions. We also urge you to share these policies with the rest of your party so everyone is in-the-know and can get the most out of their experience. 

Workshop fees and materials are non-refundable

Our private workshops include a $75-per person workshop fee for groups of 3 and under, a $50 per person fee for groups of 4+, and $60 per person for groups 7+ as well as added costs for materials. Any package and material purchases are non-refundable. Should there be extenuating circumstances and you have to cancel your workshop, we can apply your pre-paid fees and materials to a later date for another workshop. We cannot transfer this amount for shopping our regular items in store. 

Pre-set Design Packages vs. Your Design Package 

Pre-set Design Packages allow you to confidently book for you and your squad knowing that everybody will be paying the same amount for both the workshop fee and materials. Please be advised that for these packages, both the $75, $60 and $50-per person workshop fee and the fixed price for your materials are both non-refundable and can only be transferred for a workshop at a later date with 7 days notice.

The “Your Design” Package allows you to reserve your workshop with the $75, $60 and $50-per person workshop fee, and then from there each guest will have the opportunity to make and create whatever their heart desires. Materials for Your Design can range anywhere from $75 to $120+ depending on what each guest wants to make. The pricing for materials will be determined and paid for on the day of the event with the help of your instructor. 

Please also be advised that we cannot apply non-refundable workshop fees and purchases to workshop materials and regular jewellery items in store.

Cancellations or rescheduling requires 7 days notice minimum

A lot of time and care goes into planning your workshop to make it the best experience possible! Please respect our need for 7 days notice for cancellations and keep in mind your fees and materials are non-refundable. We also understand that things happen, so are happy to reschedule your workshop for a later date based on extenuating circumstances.

Health and Safety

We work within all the required safety parameters stipulated by the province of Ontario. If you have specific safety requests or protocol that is important to you, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your workshop start time

We want to make sure your party arrives with enough time to meet our team, settle in, enjoy some refreshments, browse our shop, get inspired and also take advantage of your complimentary 15% discount on ready-made pieces in the store! Make sure everybody comes early, you won’t regret it! 

Don’t be tardy for the party

Your workshop session will start at the exact start time of your booking. We cannot delay sessions for late arrivals. Should members arrive late, we will do our best to accommodate them but this might mean the instructor having to complete their piece for them to insure we are not going overtime. If you want to stay longer (and assuming we have the availability for extra time) there will be a $10 fee per person for an extra half hour maximum.

No shows

We feel badly for those who miss out on this experience! Should there be members of your party who do not show up, we cannot refund their share of the workshop fees and materials and we cannot apply this to a later date. Any cancellations or changes in guest numbers must happen at least 7 days prior to your workshop date. If this amount of time is given, we can apply deposits to other workshop material costs for other participants on a case by case basis. 

Sessions are 2 hours (with some wiggle room)

There are 2 hours allotted for your workshop. Should you be having the best time and wish to stay past the 2 hours, we can permit an additional half hour maximum depending on availability and further bookings. This additional 30 minutes will require a $10 add-on fee per person.

Your workshop itinerary!

  • 15-30 minute early arrival for mingling and browsing 
  • Session begins at the official start time on your booking
  • Intro to Anice, what we do and basic jewellery-making
  • Materials hunt through our treasure drawers (try not to overthink it - choose whatever jumps out to you and we will help you make sense of it all at the design time!) 
  • Consult with instructor to confirm budget and finalize your design 
  • Instructional segment on wire-wrapping or beading techniques
  • Supervised practice session on wire-wrapping or beading techniques using scrap materials
  • Refreshments and restroom break
  • Making your own piece! Your instructor will be there every step of the way to walk you through the steps.

Your instructor will check in with you 30 minutes before the end of the session. If they feel it is necessary, they will assist you with finishing your piece to ensure you have something to wear home!

In-house food and drink 

We are proud to offer complimentary wine, non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks that are included in your workshop experience. Please let us know if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions so we can take this into account when curating your workshop! 

Food allergies

If you have any allergies, please let us know so we can do our best to create a safe environment or find alternative food solutions!

BYO food and booze

We get it, what’s a celebration without cake or bubbly! You are welcome to bring your own provisions in lieu of our complimentary services (please note, this does not change the price of your workshop fee.)

We can provide glassware for beverages but do not provide cutlery or dinnerware for food. We also ask that booze and food is kept to a more moderate treat-like vibe (i.e. not a full blown drinking party or sit-down meal.) We want you to get the most out of your time making and creating with us and can recommend so many amazing local restaurants and bars to enjoy after your session.

Please drink responsibly 

Wine can elevate any experience. That being said, your friends at Anice Jewellery remind you to drink mindfully. Your safety and well-being is important to us and we reserve the right to cut off drinking privileges at any time we feel necessary. 

Please respect the space

We pride ourselves in maintaining a well-kept space. The Anice house is our home and we would love it to feel that way for you during your visit with us! Please respect the space during your time and remind your pals to do the same. 


Street parking is available, but does fill up quickly! Alternatively, there is a Green P Parking at 18 Ossington Ave (Queen & Ossington) or residentially on Argyle and Shaw Street. 

Thank you for taking the time to review our jewellery workshop policies. Please understand that by paying your workshop deposit you are agreeing to all of the above. We will refer to this document if there are any breaches of the policy and any confusion. 

We thank you for your  can’t wait to create with you! 

The Anice Squad