Candace & Scott Engagement Story



How long have you been together?: 5 1/2 years 
Wedding Date: June 23rd, 2018 
Location: Sue Ann Staff Estate Winery 
Number of guests: 140


Favourite memory of the day: Having the rain stop and clouds part just before guests were seated outdoors, just like it was meant to be. 

Who cried first?: Neither of us! We were too goofy to cry! 

Any unexpected/surprise moments that you'd like to share?: I (Candace) have been wanting to wear my band since it was made. When he finally put in on my finger during the ceremony, I actually said ‘finally!’ out loud into microphone the officiant was wearing and all of our guests heard and started to laugh.


Why did you design your bands the way you did?: Scott wanted a band like his grandfather's (who had recently passed away) that we weren't able to find in stores. And I just wanted a basic band, inside of which we both engraved our wedding date in roman numerals.

Describe your ring creation experience with Anice: Wonderful! Very helpful with the custom design process.


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