Sustainability Policy

Anice was built on the dream of Old Treasures, New Love. We pride ourselves in making beauty from what we already have, giving new life to what is tired and worn out. Sustainability is at the very heart of what Anice was built on.
We are conscious that the jewellery industry is one that has not historically prioritized environmental or social sustainability.

With the worsening climate crises, widespread environmental degradation, and the undeniable effects of climate injustice in racial and gendered marginalization, exploitation of resources - both natural and human - is no longer something we can afford to be complicit in. Sustainability is not an after-thought. Not in our families, our homes, or our workplaces. It cannot be one in the jewellery industry, either. We commit to being a part of changing that.

Our commitment to you:

  • Do our homework. Research our suppliers and follow-up on their claims they make about ethical sourcing and sustainability.
  • Demand transparency from our suppliers on every stage of their gem and metal manufacturing process.
  • Use an ethical casting house that uses 100% recycled metal for all of our custom designs.
  • Remain actively engaged and keenly listening to the needs of our communities -- remain open, adaptable and quick to shift, when needed.