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Matt and Gol! Oh how we ADORE these two. Matt first visited us back in 2019 to design a stunning engagement ring for a Gol -- a pear-shaped diamond flanked by two trillion diamonds, set in gleaming 14K gold. We even got to incorporate an heirloom card in 24K Persian gold that Gol's family slipped to Matt on the sly ;) Added meaning and extra value! Oh how we love to infuse old treasures with new love! We were so thrilled when these lovebirds came back to have their wedding bands made with us too -- a gorgeous diamond-encrusted torc ring that fit perfectly with Gol's engagement ring, and Matt's "mountain-range" inspired wedding band was just so HIM! THANK YOU Matt and Gol, for trusting us with you special pieces, for working patiently with us through a global pandemic and for just being some of the loveliest people around. We wish you all the love and joy for years to come!

tell us a bit about you and your love story! 

We met in grad school in beautiful Vancouver at UBC, where we quickly became close friends. We knew from the start that there was a special connection between us, however we didn't start dating until a few years into the friendship. Sadly, this was just a few months before Gol was set to start her PhD in Montreal, so we decided to make the best of the little time we had left together. By the end of the summer, however, we knew our connection was too special to break and so we decided to try to and make it work despite the 4500 km distance separating us. It wasn't always easy, but thanks to the power of technology, airline seat sales, conference travel stipends and, most importantly, our commitment and love for each other, we made it work.   

Matt eventually landed a job in Toronto, which brought us to the same side of the country. Over the next two years, Gol became a valued Via Rail customer with frequent trips to and from Toronto and Montreal.    

We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together fairly early on in our relationship, but a trip to visit Gol's family in the UK sealed the deal, where Matt was welcomed to the family with warm Persian hospitality and expert dance lessons. Shortly thereafter, Matt started designing Gol's custom ring and planning the engagement proposal...

when and how did you pop the question, or when did you know you wanted to make your love official?

In July of 2019 on the hottest day of the summer, Matt took Gol horseback riding near Lake Erie in Ontario. Overlooking the beautiful lake and majestic cliffs, horses in the background, is where Matt popped the question at last!

how did you learn about and decide on Anice to create your love piece?

After looking for a ring at generic name brand stores, Anice was recommended to Matt by his sister-in-law as it offered a unique and authentic style that perfectly represented our love. Matt organized an introductory meeting with Britt, and he knew right away that this was who he wanted to design the engagement ring for Gol.


what was the inspiration behind your love pieces? did you use or incorporate any pre-loved materials?

The inspiration for Gol's engagement ring was a crown ring that Gol had received from her mom. He also had a piece of Persian gold incorporated into the band, which was gifted to him by Gol's uncle when they met in the UK.   

 We returned to Anice to design our wedding bands less than a year later, where we were able to incorporate more family gold into both bands. This has even more meaning now, as it makes us feel closer to those family members that have left us. Gol's wedding band interlocks her engagement ring, completing the crown look, building a beautiful custom set. Matt's wedding band is a unique, organic, texture yellow gold band that has a subtle mountain-like pattern that resembles that of the mountains that he grew up with in Calgary.


describe your first impression of working with us. who did you work with and what was the process like?

Matt first worked with Britt to design Gol's engagement ring and the experience was great. Britt was able to take a not-so-coherent vision and turn it into a beautiful piece. Designing the wedding bands was equally as easy and enjoyable.


how did you feel when you finally received your love piece?

During a very difficult time when we were unsure if we were even going to have a wedding due to the pandemic, the rings brought us so much joy and reassurance. Britt's team was flexible and efficient and made sure we had our rings ready in time for our special day.


what was the most memorable part of working with Anice?

Being able to incorporate meaningful family pieces into our wedding bands, which we wear everyday, is incredibly special.


is there anything else you would like to add?

That's all! Thanks again for reaching out and asking us to share our love-story!   Best wishes to all the Anice team, Gol and Matt

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