Anice Love Stories: Rachel and Jeff

Here at Anice we are blessed to work with the COOLEST couples and swoon over their love for each other.

Rachel and Jeff have been dear clients for a long time and it was truly an honour to work with them to create Rachel's dream engagement ring. We are over the moon for these two and can't wait to see their love shine through for years to come!

Swoon for yourself over their engagement photos below and have a read of their dreamy engagement story. 

The Ring: 
14K yellow gold 
A large, majestic emerald cut morganite 
Two white sapphire baguettes framing the centre beauty
Totally one of a kind and made with love! 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  ♡

Engagement Date:
August 4th 2019
Engagement Story (how did the proposal happen?)
This is kind of a funny story. Since I was involved in designing the ring I knew it was going to happen! The week before the proposal I asked Jeff if he would take some photos of me at the cottage the coming weekend. He said yes but also asked me to bring my tripod - and I knew that that meant it was happening. The night before the proposal, Jeff was going through his bag looking for a sweater and the ring box fell on the floor in front of me. We played it like it didn't happen. The next day we went on this really nice hike in Muskoka called Huckleberry Rock & thats where it happened. We had the tripod out to take photos (I had a bluetooth remote in my hand) and then we had finished he turned to me and I think something is missing & he got down on one knee! 
How long have you been together?
6 years
What is your favourite part about each other? 
Jeff about Rachel: Her positivity 
Rachel about Jeff: Supportive, kind, brings out my silly side. 
What is one inside joke only you two share?
I am not sure if this counts as an inside joke, but we are so ridiculously in love with our cat. We always joke about how crazy we would look if people saw how much we love her. 
What made you choose Anice for your engagement ring?
Anice was an easy choice for us! We knew we wanted to go custom and I've known Britt & the Anice store since the beginning. Once we went in for our first meeting it was an easy choice. We loved that Britt and her team would work with us to create the ring we wanted and they helped us stay in our budget. 
Why did you choose this design for your engagement ring?
I wanted something that was classic but still felt unique to me. When it comes to rings I was inspired by the art deco style. To keep the engagement ring classic we used white baguette sapphires to add some art deco vibes to the ring. I should say - the real art deco part will come with the wedding band. (stay tuned). I also never wanted a diamond - I have always wanted a coloured stone. This peach morganite that Britt found for us was exactly what we wanted. Our ring is the perfect balance between classic and something a little bit off beat. 
What is your favourite part about your ring?
My favourite part about the ring is that it is unique to me! 
Have you set the date?! Fill us in as the love story continues!
We are getting married on September 19th, 2020 in Muskoka & we can't wait!

♡ ♡ 
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  ♡ 

Congratulations Jeff and Rachel! We wish you all the happiness and love! 

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