Emeiko & Karl Engagement Story

Here at Anice, we understand that a man who walks into a shop filled with jewels and glitter can be a little overwhelming. One of our absolute favourite parts of the job is working with our clients to customize a gift for their partner that they feel good about. Sometimes, that gift is a stamped necklace or a pair of earrings she's been talking about. Other times, we are honoured with the privilege of designing a custom engagement ring. It's always such a beautiful gift to hear someones story and feel the love that exists between two people. 

We are thrilled to share with you the engagement story of Emeiko and Karl, and how Karl popped the question with a ring that we were lucky enough to create for the beautiful couple. 


Emeiko and Karl 

Engagement Date: Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Engagement Location/Story:
Sometime in July, Emeiko and I made plans to visit our favourite city in the fall - New York. At the time, I had no idea this was where I was going to propose. However, as the summer progressed, it became clear to me that this would be the perfect weekend. And the more I began to ponder the idea, the more I started envisioning proposing on a beautiful fall afternoon in Central Park - in a rowboat with the woman I love and a bottle of wine.

Alas, as we arrived in NYC on the Friday, the plan changed. The day turned out to be very cold and extremely windy, not to mention the Park was filled with thousands of locals and tourists, making it very difficult to find an intimate spot for our very own private moment. I decided I would propose the next morning since waking up next to her is my favourite time of day. I hid the ring and came around to her side of the bed and got down on bended knee. Not only was my heart pounding, but my arm was trembling as I was leaning it on the bed. And Emeiko noticed. She suggested I ‘re-adjust.’ Nothing was going to stop the shaking until I said what I had planned and came here to say. I grabbed the box and presented her with the engagement ring, and then, for what felt like 15 seconds (but was more like three or five), we just stared at each other... until I finally asked her. And she said YES!

Cue the floodgates.

Why you chose your engagement ring design:

I was fortunate to have my grandmother and her grandmother’s rings to work with. Not having designed an engagement ring for the love of my life before, I went straight to Anice, Emeiko’s favourite jewelers. With Britt, we got started on ideas for the ring. She suggested we blend the gold from both rings and take the diamonds from her grandmother’s ring for the engagement band, and make two diamond earrings taken from my grandmother’s ring. And now for la pièce de résistance... Britt added a small diamond in the side of the engagement band, which Britt said represents me. The perfect design. From the perfect store. By the perfect person. I am forever grateful.

Why she likes the ring:

She LOVES the ring. It’s perfect because it blends our two families together. It’s personal. It’s delicate. And it’s a beautiful sparkle of love!


Thank you to this pair for sharing their lovely story - we wish them endless happiness. 

Big love, 

The Anice Team xo 








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