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Anice Love Stories: Rachel and Jeff

Anice Love Stories: Rachel and Jeff

Here at Anice we are blessed to work with the COOLEST couples and swoon over their love for each other.

Rachel and Jeff have been dear clients for a long time and it was truly an honour to work with them to create Rachel's dream engagement ring. We are over the moon for these two and can't wait to see their love shine through for years to come!

Swoon for yourself over their engagement photos below and have a read of their dreamy engagement story. 

The Ring: 
14K yellow gold 
A large, majestic emerald cut morganite 
Two white sapphire baguettes framing the centre beauty
Totally one of a kind and made with love! 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  ♡

Engagement Date:
August 4th 2019
Engagement Story (how did the proposal happen?)
This is kind of a funny story. Since I was involved in designing the ring I knew it was going to happen! The week before the proposal I asked Jeff if he would take some photos of me at the cottage the coming weekend. He said yes but also asked me to bring my tripod - and I knew that that meant it was happening. The night before the proposal, Jeff was going through his bag looking for a sweater and the ring box fell on the floor in front of me. We played it like it didn't happen. The next day we went on this really nice hike in Muskoka called Huckleberry Rock & thats where it happened. We had the tripod out to take photos (I had a bluetooth remote in my hand) and then we had finished he turned to me and I think something is missing & he got down on one knee! 
How long have you been together?
6 years
What is your favourite part about each other? 
Jeff about Rachel: Her positivity 
Rachel about Jeff: Supportive, kind, brings out my silly side. 
What is one inside joke only you two share?
I am not sure if this counts as an inside joke, but we are so ridiculously in love with our cat. We always joke about how crazy we would look if people saw how much we love her. 
What made you choose Anice for your engagement ring?
Anice was an easy choice for us! We knew we wanted to go custom and I've known Britt & the Anice store since the beginning. Once we went in for our first meeting it was an easy choice. We loved that Britt and her team would work with us to create the ring we wanted and they helped us stay in our budget. 
Why did you choose this design for your engagement ring?
I wanted something that was classic but still felt unique to me. When it comes to rings I was inspired by the art deco style. To keep the engagement ring classic we used white baguette sapphires to add some art deco vibes to the ring. I should say - the real art deco part will come with the wedding band. (stay tuned). I also never wanted a diamond - I have always wanted a coloured stone. This peach morganite that Britt found for us was exactly what we wanted. Our ring is the perfect balance between classic and something a little bit off beat. 
What is your favourite part about your ring?
My favourite part about the ring is that it is unique to me! 
Have you set the date?! Fill us in as the love story continues!
We are getting married on September 19th, 2020 in Muskoka & we can't wait!

♡ ♡ 
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  ♡ 

Congratulations Jeff and Rachel! We wish you all the happiness and love! 
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The Anice Guide to Keeping Busy as we are #StayingHome

The Anice Guide to Keeping Busy as we are #StayingHome

Suddenly so much time on our bejewelled hands! Creativity and productivity is so healing during these quiet days. Here at Anice, we’re coming up with all kinds of of #stayingathome activities to help move us through this moment.

  1. Go through your jewellery box, your little dishes of rings and studs, and anywhere you have lots of necklaces hanging. We forget sometimes all the treasures we’re keeping just at arm’s reach!

  2. Dust and clean. Empty out those jewellery box drawers and wipe ‘em out. If you have fabric busts or velvet display pieces, use a lint roller or dry dish glove and watch your displays magically look like new before your eyes.

  3. Clean your rings. A simple mix of baking soda and water works like a charm and will breathe life into your pieces. 

  4. Untangle chains. Put on your favourite show or playlist and give your fingers some idle time to fandangle those tangles back to cascading beauty.

  5. Inventory what you have and divide your at-home haul into categories -- jewellery for cleaning, jewellery for repair, jewellery for junk and most of all, jewellery for re-working! We can’t wait to see what you found! #oldtreasuresnewlove

  6. Have a photo shoot! Spice up your social media and take photos of your found pieces. Let’s start a trend #forgotIevenhadthis . Go through your closet and throw together makeshift editorial looks with your lesser worn goods. Get inspired with fresh spring equinox style straight out of your own dressing room.

  7. Give and Donate. To friends and family. To women’s shelters. To anyone in need. We should all be sharing and caring and loving a little more right now, and what better way than with jewels.

  8. Assess your reworkable jewellery. Try to visualize how you could take it apart, manipulate it or what materials within it could look amazing in a new piece. Send us photos! We can’t wait to help get you inspired!

  9. Connect with us. Bringing new life into old pieces is our claim to fame! We would love to help consult you via DM or FaceTime. #oldtreasuresnewlove

  10. Stay tuned for our Anice Online Jewellery Workshop, in development as we speak! Comment below if you would like us to reach out to you personally when it is time to register. Learn to make or rework jewellery from the comfort of home! We can’t wait to e-meet you.

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Wire and Pliers and Beads, Oh My!

There’s a lot that goes on in our jewel world. Our everyday routine involves a whole bunch of chain, beads, and sparkle, but one of the main ingredients to our bowl of jewel dreams are our workshops! We love giving you the tools to spark that imagination and nothing prides us more than seeing you proud of your first accomplished piece.

These workshops have been running for quite some time now. We’ve had the honour of hosting your bachelorettes, your anniversaries, your birthdays, or even your date nights and we’ve decided that it’s time to stir things up a little bit. We will still offer our workshops (and alcohol!) for any occasion but the type of workshop you book depends on your vibe and the experience you’d like to have. Our new workshops will be divided into 3 levels:


The beginner beading workshop is catered to creators of all ages! In this workshop, we will guide you through the process of making your own beaded piece. Think of it as a meditative jewel night. Choose your beads (plastic or semi-precious stones available) and string your way to jewel town.



This workshop is where we teach one of our classic techniques called wire-wrapping. This is the magic that adds sparkle, jewels, and charms to your piece. We use this technique in many of our pieces in store, you’ll get the chance to search through our treasures (or bring some of your own!) and create magic!



So now you have the skills it takes to make your own jewellery! In our advanced workshop, you get to add to your repertoire by learning how to stamp (hammering letters or numbers onto a flat metal piece) or how to work with leather (Finishing leather with clasps or chain to turn into a necklace, bracelet or other types of jewellery). Additionally, we’ve added 30 minutes of extra time to work on those masterpieces.

So whether or not you’re new or from our Kensington days, we invite you to explore your creativity with us as we embark on this new jewel journey!

Can’t wait to see what you create

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What "Making Magic" Means to Us

What "Making Magic" Means to Us
Let’s Make Magic: It’s painted across our Instagram and sprawled across our walls; some days we toss it around with more reckless abandon than glitter! But what does “making magic” really mean to us? It’s more than just a slogan or a brand; it’s an idea, an invitation, a possibility. In short, it begins and ends with you.


To us, making magic embodies that warm, frothy feeling that fills our chests when a customer comes in with something broken and goes out with something whole. By this, we do not mean just jewellery. Sure, we can replace lost stones or repair a broken chain; but so often we find that when our every-day necklace snaps or we lose a favourite earring, it can feel as though we’ve lost so much more than just a thing.


Jewellery (in our world, at least) is a part of who we are. It is the art we choose to lay across our skin to announce to the world “here I am, this is me”. It can be a way to carry what we need: labradorite on a hard day or citrine when we’re craving the sun. It can be fun and playful or something that is steady and routine, a go-to. So often, our jewellery is steeped in the meanings or memories that we choose to give to it. Sometimes, wrapping our wrists in moonstones can serve as gentle reminder of us just how much power we hold. When that necklace breaks or that earring hides, it can feel like we’ve lost a little piece of ourselves. It can feel like a link has broken in what was once whole.  


This is even more true when our pieces are living legacies to those who have passed. A grandfather’s watch, a mother’s engagement ring, a bracelet from your best friend – when significant people in our lives are no longer with us, their favourite jewellery can feel extra charged. It can be a powerful comfort to stay connected to them through the treasures that they wore and loved. If we think of the peaks and valleys of their time in this world, the pieces they carried with them through it all have so much life soaked in them. By reviving their jewellery, we just may find that we can keep their memory alive too.


This is how Anice first began: as a dream to bring new love to old treasures, to breathe life into things that may have been forgotten or overlooked, the things that may have grown dusty with many years and layers of life. Because those years and layers can wear on us. This life isn’t always easy and sometimes it can leave us feeling wilted or buried. But when we take a moment to sweep off that dust, we find that there is always an abundance of beauty and good to work with, it might just need to take new form. For us, it’s about gratitude for what we have. It’s about gathering the pieces of where we are and making something beautiful from it.


Whether it is a reminder to yourself, a story, or a life that you want carry with you, the part of yourself that you bring to us is why we do what we do. We are always humbled and grateful when you come to us with these pieces that you hold so close. We are humbled and grateful that you trust our hands to handle not just the jewels but the stories they carry with the soft that they deserve. We are humbled and grateful that you choose us to bring your dreams to life.


To put it simply, each day with you leaves us full. So, this is our why. This is the thing that tugs us from bed each morning and draws us into 102 Ossington. This is the reason we’re here, why we do what we do. This is Making Magic. This is Old Treasures, New Love.
With love,


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The Anice Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

The Anice Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

The Anice Gift Guide 2018

Not knowing what to buy someone for Christmas can be daunting and we know it. There is nothing worse than having zero idea what they’ll like!

We have an absolutely hate-proof guide right here. Let us do all the thinking for you or with you. You got this!

The Teacher/The Boss/The Neighbour

Wine Glass Charms

Nothing worse than going to a social gathering and forgetting which wine glass is yours. Introducing the brand new, completely customizeable Anice wine glass charms. Ranging in sets of 2 to 24, we can work with you to pick the chains, charms and stones that will make any wine drinker fall in love with you - and their glass of pinot noir - just a little bit more!

$20 each or $15 each when you buy 3 or more.

The Teen Girl/The Niece/The Girl You’re Sort Of Dating

The Sparkle Choker

These chokers can be dressed-up or down and have adjustable lengths to be worn in a tighter or looser option, depending on their mood of the day. Available in sterling silver and sterling silver with yellow or rose gold-plating. They add just a little more pizzazz to any outfit and will make any girl (or guy!) shine that much more.

$60 each

The Parents/The Students/The Dreamers


A brass ring dripping with completely unique, never-repeated designs that hang, reflect light, and watch over you while you dream - awake or asleep. Custom-design these beautiful pieces for a nursery, an office, a nook or a bedroom with elements of the person you’re buying for: birthstones, crystals with different intentions, stamped charms with names or initials: the possibilities are truly endless. Come in and #dreamwithus.

Beginning at $100+, depending on materials

The Girlfriend

Name Necklace

Which girl doesn’t love a necklace with their own name on it? We can work with you and your budget to choose a chain length, font choice and metal type - sterling silver or gold-filled - that best suits the person you’re buying for.

Beginning at $120 for sterling silver, $150 for gold filled and $350 for 10K yellow or rose gold.

The Boyfriend

Men’s Metal Bracelets

These simple, yet bad-ass bracelets can be tailored to your man’s unique taste: sterling silver or gold plated chains, your choice of charms and stones, or maybe even a tag with his (or your) initial on it. Now he can be just as jeweled-out as you are and look a little cooler while standing beside you, too!

Beginning at $40+, depending on materials
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Anice is Moving on UP! Introducing: The Apartment

Anice is Moving on UP! Introducing: The Apartment

Although it’s only been Fall for a few weeks now, we’ve been experiencing some major growth this season here at Anice. New products, workshops and partnerships, along with a few things we can’t quite spill the beans on yet. However, our latest news is truly one of the most exciting things to happen for us (and you!) this year.

Anice is moving on up - literally. We’re taking over the entirety of 102 Ossington Avenue!

Introducing The Apartment, a two storey loft space just above our jewel town that you’ve grown to know and love. With this expansion, we are truly elated to be able to offer larger and more frequent workshops, a pop-up retail space, events and so much more. Best of all, you can book The Apartment for your own soirée via This Open Space!

Whether you’re looking to throw a holiday party, a jewel-themed bachelorette, or an intimate wedding reception...the only limit is what you can dream up! Think twinkly lights, vintage decor, and of course, tons of sparkle.

Spanning over two floors, this stunning space features gorgeous details throughout - like exposed brick, a bay window, full kitchen, and a spacious outdoor patio. The top floor loft featured vaulted ceilings, having been converted from a former attic! 

We also plan on offering catering, options as well as other preferred vendors to help you plan the ultimate event. Click here to email us for details!

December 1st is the big reveal. Our official launch. The day we open our doors and welcome all of YOU! With that being said, if there's anything you’d like to see happen at The Apartment, please let us know. We believe our jewel babe community is the best in the world, so we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas. Our team is so excited about this growth, and can’t wait to share more with you. For now, follow along on Instagram and keep an eye on our stories for updates!

Without further ado, here’s a sneak peek of the space.


If you have any questions or want to learn more about The Apartment, leave a comment below or send us an email!

With love,

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The Adventures of Jewel Town - We're back baby!

The Adventures of Jewel Town - We're back baby!

What an incredibly dynamic, wild, and exciting journey this jewel life is. 

For those of you that have been visiting our online store and wondering what the heck is up with the lack of products or update, and for those of you who are arriving for the very first time: welcome to the beginning of the very exciting next phase for Anice Jewellery. We have a full site of new products available and so much to tell you about. 

Since the beginning stages of opening this business, I have always felt it important to be honest and real about the journey and to share the ups and downs. Although things may appear sparkly and dreamy on the outside, there are hurdles and hard days when it comes to running a business, and the people and all of the rest that comes with it. Especially when half the time it feels like you don't have a clue what you're doing. Here is a little bit about the last chapter and what has brought us to today.  

It has been a year of learning and with that learning came the realization that there is only so much that I can control. What is most important is what is right in front of us. But how do you find the balance of prioritizing the right in front of you, with all the other very important parts that make up a business? With an amazing team of smart people, that's how!

Something I have learned about myself is that if it's something I don't understand or can't accomplish with the skills I have already, I tend to avoid it and focus on what I can control. This, as I now understand, is not my best business quality and could actually hinder the growth that I dream of for Anice. Thankfully, the big learning is that if you can get out of your own way, let people in and TRUST, the possibilities are endless. This is my new reality. There is power in letting go and putting people in place that have the skills that I don't have. Letting the people who are good at specific things do those things and do them the best. Rather than getting down on myself because I don't know what the heck I'm doing, or worse: avoid the important things completely because I don't want to be bad at them. Sounds a little cookoo right?! My take away: it's ok to not be the best at everything. It's ok to admit that. And it is so inspiring and amazing to watch those who are good at something you are not, do what they do so well, and know they are on your side. 

The last chapter of the Anice story involved running two shops, growing at a pace that caused a burnout, closing a shop, making thousands of pieces of jewellery, working on so many amazing custom projects, making a bazillion mistakes, and lots of tears (both happy and sad). As I sit here today feeling like I've come out on the other side, reflecting as most of you know I love to do and share with you about, I am ecstatic to say that the future is looking beyond beautiful. We have never had a team quite like this before. Made up of talented jewel babes creating the magic with you in store, an operations team that is literally the glue keeping the foundation of the business strong, a marketing and web team that are innovative and brilliant, and metal-smiths that totally kick butt - I feel the luckiest to call these incredible and devoted people my squad.

So what's the plan now? 

We have been working hard the last few months to create and photograph a totally new catalogue of products for you. In these collections you will find #limitededition pieces which mean there are 5 to 10 available and when they are gone they are gone forever. You will also find #oldtreasuresnewlove pieces that are either old pieces revived and reworked with new love, or vintage treasures that are perfect just the way they are and just needed a little clean up. Last but not least you will see #dreamwithus pieces that are customizable and made extra special by YOU. 

This is just phase one. Over the next 2 months we will be loading up the online store with regular product turnover bi-weekly, and introducing a new custom online experience. Our mission is to bring the magical and personable attention you get in store, online. Think last minute custom gifts delivered to your door same day. Think a variety of special stones with meanings available by just a click of your mouse. Think your jewel dreams, made easy, within your budget accessible any time of the day or night. 

Thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for continuing to check back. Thank you for your patience and love. You make this dream possible and it is our commitment to you to work our jewel butts off to keep improving and to deliver you the best product, customer service and unforgettable shopping and creating experience. 

Stay tuned. SO MUCH MORE to announce. SO MUCH MORE magic to make. I better go now before I spill all the beans at once. 





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How Anice Makes Your Jewel Dreams Come True With Custom on the Spot!

How Anice Makes Your Jewel Dreams Come True With Custom on the Spot!
We absolutely love creating custom pieces (it's truly the heart and soul of our business!), and the only real limit is what you can dream up. Perfect for gifting - even if it's for yourself - we can design something to be worn every day, or as a bold statement piece for a special occasion. 
If you're in a pinch or live out of downtown Toronto, no worries - give us a call or send us an email outlining what you're looking for, and we'll take care of the rest. We're happy to share photos of previous custom projects (you can also check out the "custom" highlights section on our Instagram), or show you samples of the chains and treasures we have here in store. Our dream is to bring the custom process right to you, no matter where you live. We ship ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! 

Here's how it works:


Step 1: Choose your chain. Metal colour, type, length, style (sterling silver, gold plated, rose gold, gold filled, we've got it all!).


Step 2: Choose your treasure(s). Stone, bead, vintage charm, stamped tag with initials/daily mantra/special date. Keep it simple or make a totally unique statement piece!



Step 3: Let our jewel team work their magic right before your eyes.



Step 4: BOOM. Take home your perfect, completely one of a kind custom piece!



Check out the process in action below: 

Anice Custom Process
And there you have it! On the spot custom jewellery, any way you like it. Pop into our shop at 102 Ossington Avenue and chat with a member of our jewel team to get started! We've helped #jewelbabes from all over the world create the most magical pieces imaginable, so whether you're near or far, we'll make it work!
Can't wait to dream with you.
XO Anice
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Our Jewels in a Hotel Wedding Style Shoot!

Our Jewels in a Hotel Wedding Style Shoot!

Back in the spring, we lent some sparkle to an incredible team for a wedding photo shoot at The Walper Hotel in Kitchener. A gorgeous day with the most talented babes, and we are totally obsessed with the end result.

Take a look at the photos + video below!

Photography: Cloud Nine Photography
Venue: The Walper Hotel
Robes: By Catalfo
Florals: The Girl Floral
Hair: Studio So Lara
Make-up: Missy Costa
Jewellery: Anice Jewellery


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Mothers Day with Anice 𝑥 Gardiner Florals!

Mother's Day is just around the corner!
Celebrate the most important Women in your life with them, at The Anice 6th annual ♡ Mama Love Workshop 

Sunday, May 13th 
102 Ossington Avenue 
Morning session: 10am - 12pm 
Afternoon session: 1pm - 3pm 
Evening session: 4pm - 6pm 

Choose from all our magical treasures, stones & beads to create personalized, one-of-a-kind pieces with the guidance of our awesome jewel babes.
Mimosas and treats will be offered during the workshop and a photo booth for a polaroid takeaway will take place at the end! 

This year we're also teaming up with @gardinerflorals to make your Mama feel extra special! Add a floral arrangement to your workshop and we will have Mom's bouquet ready and waiting for her when you arrive. 

Choose from these 4 beautiful packages:

Package #1: Jewellery workshop + single rose - $35.00/person


Package #2: Jewellery workshop + jar/posy - $40.00/person

Package #3: Jewellery workshop + medium bouquet - $45.00/person

Package#4: Jewellery workshop + large bouquet - $60.00/person

🌷 Flowers just for Mama 🌷

Sign up here!
To pay for bouquet please call

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