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kirstin & brett

Kirstin and Brett are the cutest little cuties! Last December, Brett proposed to Kirstin in a snowy candlelit woodland with his great-grandmother's wedding and engagement rings. Knowing Kirstin creative nature as a florist, he suspected these would be the perfect placeholder so she could design something truly unique with us later. Was he ever right!! We all had so much fun creating this asymmetrical one-of-a-kind stunner using gold from great grandma's rings and adding a beautiful new morganite stone. Kristin loved the rosey blush pink next to those white diamonds - a nod to her gorgeous floral designs.
Kirstin and Brett, we heart you and your love. We just had our consult for creating these babes' wedding bands too and we are so excited for the fun and magic to continue. Thank you for trusting us with your LOVE and including us in your love story. 

tell us a bit about you and your love story! 

Kirstin: I was 18 years old and going out for dinner with my best friend and her Mom in our small town. While stopped at a light, I saw Brett's personalized license plate "BNEIL" and thought that the name looked familiar. Driving past I caught a glimpse of him and thought he was really cute! I found him on Facebook and we started messaging back and forth. We had our first date about a week before I left for a 2 month backpacking trip through Europe. We messaged on and off while I was in Europe and when I came back, we started spending more time together and have been inseparable ever since (8 years later!)

when and how did you pop the question, or when did you know you wanted to make your love official?

Brett: On December 11th, 2020 I proposed on a hike at one of our favorite spots. There was a photographer and Kirstin's two best friends set up a blanket with champagne and hung candles in the trees.

how did you learn about and decide on Anice to create your love piece?

Kirstin: I have followed Anice for quite a few years on Instagram and always loved their content and unique pieces. As soon as I started following them I knew our love story and jewellery journey would take us to that magical porch on Ossington :)


what was the inspiration behind your love piece?

Brett: I proposed with my great-grandmother's wedding & engagement rings from the 1940s. I wanted Kirstin to have the choice to uniquely customize her ring the way she wanted.

describe your first impression of working with us. who did you work with and what was the process like?

Kirstin: I sent Anice an inquiry and Britt called me later that day! I was very impressed with her efficiency and amazing customer service. She is a very friendly, bubbly person and it was a joy to work with her to create this special piece. Everyone who we have been in contact with from Anice has been very knowledgeable and kind. A truly wonderful experience!


how did you feel when you finally received your love piece?

Brett: Britt reached out to me to let me know the ring was ready, but I told her not to tell Kirstin as I wanted to surprise her on the weekend (it was Valentine’s Day weekend). Kirstin is a florist and Valentine's Day is one of her busiest days of the year so we usually celebrate the day after. Surprising her on Feb 15th morning with her ring was a special moment for both of us.  

Kirstin: I was so surprised and so tired from that weekend, I burst into happy tears. It was honestly like being proposed to all over again. So special.

what was the most memorable part of working with Anice?

Both: Taking fun little trips into the city to visit Britt on the Jewel Porch, discussing our vision together for the ring and coming up with a truly unique design.


is there anything else you would like to add?

We are hoping to have Anice design the wedding rings! Brett has a funky idea of melting down his favorite golf club to create his band. Kirstin has vintage glam vibes in mind for hers!

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