the new anice way

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intentional retail

what is intentional retail?

Intentional retail is meant to encourage clients to feel they can enjoy a shopping experience that aligns with their overall core values and goals of the moment.

It is an opportunity to get away from the rushed speed of life and consumerism. It is to slow things down a little and give attention to the why, the how and the quality of the result, whether it is a simple purchase of something ready made, or designing something special.

Here at Anice our goal is to hold you and your custom projects in the highest regard, with dedicated care, to produce exceptional and timeless quality.

With intentional retail we feel we will have the better opportunity to give you and your pieces the proper time, care and attention that they deserve. It gives us the chance to get to know you properly and understand all of the context necessary to best create for you. It allows you to be part of the creative process, learn and explore something new, all while feeling prioritized and cared for.

It guarantees that we can be our most proud at the result, afterall, this is our heart's work. We believe whole heartedly in this model and we can't wait to share it with you.

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a love story

the new anice way

There once was a story of an old treasure, tired and well worn, a little broken and a little lost. Until one day when the sun shone a little extra sparkle on it, it was lovingly dusted off and seen in a new light. It was given a chance at a new life, with some imagination and new love. And soon enough, that beautiful, almost forgotten treasure, became a new version of itself.

reflecting on our journey

After 10 years of working from our foundation principle of "Old Treasures. New Love", we realize that we in fact, are the treasure. We are constantly going through the process of re-imagination and giving ourselves new love.

In every hiccup, in every question, in every lesson, in every pivot, and in every win. Never losing or forgetting about where we came from, and our strongest when we get back to our beginnings. But indeed needing constant upkeep and refurbishing because life is always changing and evolving.

Perhaps this knowing is why we set ourselves apart with the level of heart we bring to each piece of jewellery, each project, each client and each sentiment. Perhaps this is why we never tire of the work, because we not only believe in the magic of possibility in jewellery transformation, but we know it and we are it.

All of this brings us to today, the new Anice way:
the same story, with more love.

the new Anice way is about a more elevated care: of you, of your projects, of the quality we want to guarantee, of your love and your memories.

what this looks like for you

Shop with us in a peaceful moment where you have the showroom to yourself to try everything on, and have one on one access to our jewel experts when you need them.

Design with us and have a custom piece made on the spot while you enjoy a beverage of choice and watch it come to life before your eyes.

Bring in your dear old treasures safely during an appointment where it's just you and our team, during a time in which we can hold space for your emotional journey and dream new designs with you.

Have a date time with your love where we can dream up your special bands during uninterrupted time, making the most of our time together and having the most fun (as it should be!! you are about to celebrate your LOVE!!)

Let loose with your buds during your private workshop time, where you can feel free to play together, gossip and say whatever you want, listen to the tunes of your choice - because the space is totally yours!

We recognize this new process is going to require a bit more planning on your end, and we have created an easy to use booking system where you can line up your calendar and choose the appointment available that best suits your schedule, with the jewel expert of your choice.

We know sometimes things come up  last minute. For those times, we are still here for you, a phone call or email away to problem solve and be as accommodating as our capacity allows.

We ask you to give this new way a chance, to believe in us as we give some new love to our processes and do our very best to ensure you are given the best care as a result.

We believe with our whole hearts that this way is going to benefit us all and we can't wait to prove it to you! Let's never stop dreaming and evolving together, shall we?

see you soon for our intentional time.