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jen & warren.

Jen and Warren! We love them and love their love. We first had the honour to work with Warren on Jen's dreamy, one of a kind engagement ring, and later got to design with them together for their wedding bands. We are so grateful to have met these love birds and to have been part of their love story. Love like this is what makes our hearts beat! Read about Jen and Warren's love story below and swoon for yourself. 

tell us a bit about you and your love story!

Jen and Warren met for the first time on the set of a terribly awful reality television pilot. Warren was the show’s beleaguered Director, and aspiring Actor Jen was cast as the lead reality star role of ‘a country girl who had just moved to the big city and in need of dating lessons and a makeover’. The date-over didn’t work to get each other’s romantic attention at the time, but 8 years later they crossed paths again, and Jen asked Warren out to a coffee. Coffee turned into sushi lunch, lunch turned into a movie, and within that year they moved in together.

They spent 5 glorious years creating a home and working on films and other creative projects before Warren popped the question. The year following was dedicated to planning their favourite production to date – their 2019 wedding!

when and how did you pop the question, or when did you know you wanted to make your love official?

Warren totally shocked Jen. She wanted to make their love official, but Warren needed some time to embrace the inevitable. Regardless, they both knew each other was one, official marriage or no official marriage. When Warren decided it was time, he spent months making proposal plans and designing the ring, while also constantly talking smack at home about how the institution of marriage was a sham that he would never buy into it again. Jen was getting increasingly annoyed by this but doing her best to be understanding.

Then, on a what was seemingly a work trip to St. John’s Newfoundland to screen one of Warren’s films to its hometown audience, Warren called Jen up to the stage during the films’ Q&A and got down on one knee in front of the cast of the film which included Canadian Comedy legend Mary Walsh and an audience of 250 Newfoundlanders.

how did you learn about and decide on Anice to create your love piece(s)?

A work colleague of Warren’s was in on his plans at the early stages and pointed Warren towards her favourite local jeweller. Jen’s best friend Lauren was also in the know of Jen’s taste and gave great insight to Warren. Jen is forever grateful to them both, and Anice! Warren was immediately impressed with Anice’s amazing creativity and easy communication in creating a vision for the rings that he knew Jen would love.

describe your first impression of working with us. who did you work with and what was the process like?

Warren knew after talking to Britt for 10 minutes that he could fully trust her. He described what he thought Jen might like, and Britt very quickly was able to pull reference photos together. They combined a few ideas into one, and the final ring was just perfect!

what was the inspiration behind your love pieces?

Britt was a huge influence in helping design the most gorgeous engagement ring for Jen. Warren and Jen designed the wedding bands together. Jen had always loved the look of a simple braided ring band, and they both loved that it somewhat symbolized their lives intertwined.

how did you feel when you finally received your love piece?

It’s been 2 + years since the engagement, and Jen still smiles when she looks down at her left hand. The ring is the most gorgeous thing she's ever imagined wearing. She never takes it off! It’s extra special because she knows the time and energy Warren spent on it. "He knows me better than I know myself sometimes."

what was the most memorable part of working with Anice?

Seeing the finished ring for the first time was absolutely magnificent for Warren. Going in together to create their wedding bands was amazing for Jen. She had no idea how to do this and was stressed about picking out such a permanent jewellery piece, but the Anice team made it so easy and fun! 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

 We’d go back to Anice again in a heartbeat! We will!

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