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intentional retail

Here at Anice we aim to hold you and your custom projects in the highest regard, with dedicated care, to produce exceptional and timeless quality.

With intentional retail we feel we will have the better opportunity to give you and your pieces the proper time, care and attention that they deserve. It gives us the chance to get to know you properly and understand all of the context necessary to best create for you. It allows you to be part of the creative process, while feeling prioritized and cared for and guarantees that we can be our most proud at the result - after all, this is our heart's work. 

We believe whole heartedly in this model and we can't wait to share it with you.

what intentional retail means to us

Intentional retail is meant to encourage clients to feel they can enjoy a shopping experience that aligns with their overall core values and goals of the moment. It is an opportunity to get away from the rushed speed of life and consumerism. It is to slow things down a little and give attention to the why, the how and the quality of the result, whether it is a simple purchase of something ready made, or designing something special.


Am I still able to stop by the store to shop?

You sure can, by booking a personal shopping appointment! Just think, sipping on some bubbles or a delicious coffee, no bags or layers to contend with because you've settled in for some intentional time. You can try everything on in peace with the support of our dream team to choose the perfect thing and adjustments can be done right then and there if needed. No pressure shopping baby!

Do you still offer custom on the spot without an appointment at the Ossington location?

Your custom on the spot dreams are so important to us and they deserve our full dedication! Booking an appointment for this service means you can fill your tray and design without distraction, where you'll have our undivided attention to bring your custom piece to life before your eyes during our scheduled time.

Do you still offer custom on the spot without an appointment at the Prince Edward County location?

Yes we sure do. In Wellington we are a fully operating, seasonal retail shop and we are there for you to shop and buy our ready made beauties and to create custom with you on the fly. You can still book appointments for all our services here for the most guaranteed results same day!

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