the new anice way

the same story, with even MORE LOVE.

From the early beginnings of birthing this jewel dream, our greatest intention was to create a place that would provide space for us to connect and learn about our clients custom jewel dreams, that would feel safe and comforting, built on trust. Here you could play, cry and feel and express yourself through jewellery. We welcomed you to shop our own collections, get inspired and start from scratch, bring in old treasures for new love, and celebrate occasions through workshops, and we encouraged you to twirl around like you were in a life sized jewellery box, where anything was possible. 

In the New Anice Way, we are not taking any of it away, rather taking more elevated care. Of you, your projects, the quality, your love and your memories. We are moving to a model of Intentional Retail at our Ossington location, which means a more dedicated, deliberate approach to our time with you and the creative and making process. All of our services will remain, but offered through appointments for a one on one experience to ensure we meet your needs in the very best way.

how it works!

  • Shop with us in a peaceful moment where you have the showroom to yourself to try everything on without bumping into someone else.

  • Design with us and have a custom piece made on the spot while you enjoy a beverage of choice and watch it come to life before your eyes.

  • Bring in your dear old treasures safely during an appointment where it's just you and our team.

  • Have a special date time with your love where we can dream up your special bands during uninterrupted time.

  • Let loose with your buds during your private workshop time!

This new process is going to require a bit more planning on your end! See our easy to use booking system below where you can line up your calendar and choose the appointment that best suits your schedule, with the jewel expert of your choice. If you need us last minute, we are still here for you, a phone call or email away to problem solve and be as accommodating as our capacity allows.

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