find your ring size

Ok, so you want (need) the ring but have no clue on the size. What now??The perfect ring for you should feel comfortable on your finger, but also snug enough that it doesn’t fly off when you’re gesturing wildly about how much you love it.

The BEST way to determine your ring size on any finger is to visit us at our shop on Ossington. We have a selection of super accurate sizers and tools to help you nail down the perfect fit. Reach out to us to book a time to come in for a sizing!

That being said, if coming into our shop is not an option (which, let’s face it, is often the case) you can print out our nifty size guide to help gauge a great fit.

method a: measure the circumference of your finger

1) Print out our Size Guide PDF.
2) Carefully cut out our Ring Sizer, as well as a slit in Slot “A.”
3) Wrap the sizer around the desired finger. Make sure the numbers are facing out.
4) Pull the pointed end Tab “B” through Slot “A” until the sizer is snug. Make sure to allow size for your knuckle.
5) The number aligned with Slot “A” is your ring size.

If the measurement lands between two numbers, you’re a half size babe!

method b: measure the diameter of a ring that fits

Pssst...this method is great if you’re shopping for someone else! You may just need to be sneaky and steal one of their existing rings for a hot minute.

1) Use an existing ring that properly fits the intended finger.
2) Print out our Size Guide PDF.
3) Place the ring on top of the circles below until the inside edge of the ring matches with the outside edge of the circle.

If the ring falls in between two sizes, we recommend going for the larger size.

a few other things about measuring rings...

The average adult woman’s ring size ranges between sizes 5 to 7 whereas the average adult man’s ring size ranges between sizes 9 to 11.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at all- We can’t wait to make the perfect ring happen for you!