hope, healing, protection

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Whether it's for yourself or a gift to a loved one, whether you want to ward off negativity, channel positivity or bring harmony - Explore all the ways we can help you translate this vibe into a meaningful and unique piece of jewellery!

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Discover all the gorgeous gemstones related to hope, healing, and protection!


Don’t take life so seriously! Amazonite is all about letting go and re-channeling a child-like wonder for life. It is a perfect stone if you feel you are gripping too tightly for control. Have FUN, loosen up, and enjoy the world and its many gifts


Quartz is the ultimate stone for setting intentions. Its powerful programmable energy will make things “crystal clear” for you. Quartz amplifies energy and wards off negativity. It will harmonize you and bring your body into balance.


The unique green and pink colors of watermelon tourmaline represent the colors of the heart. This stone will recharge your heart as you work through tough times and heavy emotions, leaving you with more light and love from the inside out.


The name emerald comes from the Sanskrit word “marakata," which means spring green. This precious gem has often been connected to Venus, the goddess of love. Emeralds will protect you in romance and restore your faith in new beginnings. 

stamping & engraving

Add extra sentiment and communicate your intention clearly by stamping or engraving your piece. Almost any piece we make can be customized with a personal message!

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