Our commitment

We admit ignorance 

We admit privilege 

We admit we have not shown up the way we should have or want to 

We admit we went through the motions 

We admit we were selfish 

We admit we were not facing the realities around us 

We commit to actively engaging in introspection and dismantling racism within ourselves

We commit to constantly unpacking white supremacy and changing white culture 

We commit to using privilege to be key makers and change for black lives 

We commit to supporting black owned businesses, restaurants, artists, organizations, individuals, both monetarily and by promotion and collaboration. 

We commit to being inclusive to all individuals 

We commit to being vulnerable 

We commit to using our platform for effective change 

We commit to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

We commit to acknowledging it is not enough to be sympathetic

We commit to this awakening to go beyond today, beyond next month, beyond 2021, but be in us for always 

We commit to using our individual and collective voices LOUDLY and unapologetically to stand up for black lives 

We commit to creating an environment where we can learn from each other.

At Anice we believe

In new beginnings. 

In the license to dream without limitation.

In jewellery as a form of expression and empowerment.

That all are worthy.


In creating a space with unbridled permission to love each other and to love ourselves.

In beauty in all its forms - inside and out. 

In the reminder: we are not alone. 

In creating lifetime commitments. 

That learning never stops. 

In your voice, in your heart, in your mind. 

In greater possibilities. 

In the power of hope with action behind it. 

In choosing to do the work that creates lasting change. 

That all bodies, all souls, all, all, ALL are to be celebrated, honoured and respected. 

In vulnerability and admitting our shortcomings. 

In knowing we have the power to change.