Your Old Treasures New Love Experience

Thank you so much for your interest in working with Anice to bring new life to your old treasures! 

Old Treasures New Love is the core of who we are. We love reworking vintage, heirloom and pre-loved materials into something fresh and new. We are beyond excited to meet you, see what special treasures you have for us and make some one-of-a-kind magic!

Here is what to expect:

Get ready for a truly personal experience and  a magical process of creativity and dreams, from conception to design to happy-tears reality! We can’t wait to meet you and learn all about the sentiment behind your old treasure, building a level of trust and friendship from the very start.

Step 1 – Booking

Book a consult through our website. When you book, you will be asked a few questions about what you are dreaming up, potential deadline if you have one, as well as an idea of your budget. Your consult can happen either in-person or virtually, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Step 2 – Consultation

You can either ship your old treasure to us or bring it in-person so that we can assess and understand the work involved.

You will then meet with Britt Hopkins, owner of Anice and jewellery-dream specialist, where you will continue to discuss design, budget, and any other details, and probably get to know each other pretty well in the process! She can also answer any and all questions and help you make some tough decisions if needed.

Step 3 – Meeting Follow-up and Estimate

Britt will email you a breakdown within 7 to 10 days of what was discussed, as well as estimated pricing. We always do our best to give you an estimate as close to the real cost as possible. Certain variables could mean an increase or decrease in our initial estimate. We will do our absolute best to keep you updated and informed as much as possible!

We will also provide you with values for your old treasures, details about gold, stones etc, plus a full breakdown of the work plan. At this time we will assess all potential risk to your items so that you can make the most informed decision on if you would like to move forward or not.

Please note: Anice will not alter any piece without the client’s signed consent of this document. Once the full risk has been communicated and the client has signed off, Anice is not responsible for any damages to any of the client’s materials.

Step 4 – Design Confirmation and Rendering Deposit

When design details are confirmed we will then move on to production! Some Old Treasures New Love projects require a rendering stage, the process in which we create a series of digital images using CAD (Computer Aided Design) or wax molds to illustrate what the final piece will look like. It’s an exciting way to confirm the design and make any final adjustments before moving into production!

Our rendering fee is $200 + tax. This is a non-refundable amount to cover the time needed to produce digital images.

Step 5 – Design Adjustments

After the first rendering, if you change your mind and want to make any further design adjustments requiring updated models, we are certainly able to do that. Please be advised there will be a charge of $100 per model and this will be added on to the final total for your love piece.

Step 6 – Approve Design and Pay Deposit

Once we have your go-ahead, we require a 50% deposit to begin production. Our timeline is 2 to 3 weeks from the date the deposit is paid. Rush orders are sometimes possible but require an additional charge that will be determined when the order is placed. We cannot always guarantee that we can meet the need for a rush order.

Step 7 – RELAX!

You go about all of the other hundred things you have to do in your daily life and we work hard at creating your masterpiece. We will contact you should we have any questions or concerns!

Step 8 – Pick Up Jewels and Pay Remaining Balance

When the piece is completed, we will contact you to come in to try it on and pick it up! So long as you are happy with everything, we will then process the second payment on the remaining owed. Should there be any changes desired, this may incur an additional cost to be determined. We do happily cover one initial sizing change if a ring needs to be resized. We will also return to you any and all remaining materials from your original old treasures.

Step 9 – Cherish and Love your piece, and please stay in touch

Cherish your revived jewellery for years to come! We also love to hear how our clients are doing with their new pieces, especially if it’s a gift, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and keep us updated! We love to hear from you anytime!

Ready to book? Let's DO THIS!