The Personalized Love Note Cuff

These cuffs start out blank and are awaiting your love notes, favourite poems, single impactful words, special name it. 

Sample featured here: 
A love note from Britt's Grandfather to her Grandma (aka. our namesake!) when they were first married and he was working away. That's right, back in the day where love letters were a thing and when you missed your hunny this was the only way to let them know. The line stamped on the cuff reads: 

"Hello beautiful, I wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you. If only we could be here together. We could have a wonderful time." 

Cuff can be sized to fit. Standard sizing is 6"-8" 
Sterling silver sheet is soft and can be squeezed around wrist 
8mm wide 
Brushed or shiny finish to be chosen by you! 

Price is $60 + stamping.

Happy custom dreaming!