The Love Song - Hand Stamped Song Lyric Tag

Send love through song!

This hand stamped piece is a small yet powerful token of connection. Whether it be a love song with your lover, a dance party jam with your bestie, a classic fave of grandma and grandpa, or just your guilty pleasure scream singalong....

Include your song lyric in the order notes and we will hand stamp it into this metal plate to make you or your loved one smile anytime they look at it. Metal tags are available in sterling silver or brass and are perfect for a key chain, house ornament or wallet insert, OR we can add a beautiful leather detail (as pictured) or OMG OF COURSE, we can turn this into a pendant. Add necklace chain below to make it happen!

Happy singing and happy loving! 


*We are giving love BACK. 15% of this purchase will be donated towards the following community organizations - Glad Day Book ShopReclaim Rebuild Eg West and Engage and Change "Project Winter Survival." 
Thank YOU for helping us share the LOVE!

*Please note, these babies may require 2 to 5 days to make and ship. If you are on a tight timeline please CALL US and we'll see what we can do!


Valentine's lasts all of February around here!

At Anice we celebrate love in all it's forms, and we are here to help you find gifts for everyone you love.

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