Jewel From Home | Let Love Win Pride Bracelet

let love win
to say it is not enough
to hide behind it is not an option
to do the work to understand it is crucial
to breathe it deep in and out must be everyday
to embody it, a commitment and practice
to live it and act on it, a choice
we acknowledge that it’s not just that easy to “let love win” but if together, arm in arm, unconditionally and openly, we can step forward with love FIRST, it’s a step in the right direction.
we stand up for LGBTQ2SQ, Black Lives Matter, Indigenous rights all oppressed communities and hearts.
we love you.
we will keep working.

Join us as we craft beaded bracelets representing the LGBTQ flag, and the Trans flag so you and your wrists are ready to celebrate at Virtual Pride this year!

Purchase your pride bracelet kit and you will receive a short video tutorial upon delivery or pickup which will allow you to complete your kit at your leisure from home whenever you like. Your kit will contain your gemstones, elastic, knot cover, and gold tubes to complete your bracelet. We've filled your kit with intention and love so you are protected and unstoppable!

No tools needed this time babe! You will need some tape, scissors, some tweezers, pliers, or pinchers, and some super glue.


Every year for pride month we create a collection to honour and celebrate our LGTBQ community to wear in solidarity and pride, and to give back. These designs showcase the pride flag and trans flag colours.

LGBTQ Pride - A beaded gemstone bracelet to represent all of the beautiful rainbow colours of the LGBTQ Pride flag.

Trans Pride - A beaded gemstone bracelet which represent all of the beautiful colours of the Trans Pride flag.


SOY (supporting our youth) is an innovative community development program of Sherbourne health. SOY works to support the health and well-being of all queer and trans spectrum youth 29 years old and under through groups, programs and events and by providing one-on-one support. 

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