Healing Gemstone Beaded Bracelet | August 8 | Jewel From Home

A little sparkle, a whole lot of good energy!

String together your intention with us at our next #JEWELFROMHOME workshop: healing gemstone bracelet edition!!! 

Save The Date

Saturday, August 8th @ 3PM EST.

Join us Saturday, August 8th for our healing gemstone beaded bracelet jewellery workshop and let us guide you to create some super power armour that you will treasure forever. 

Cant wait to see you in the jewel (zoom) room! 

Material Details

  • gold filled or sterling silver chain option
  • gold filled or sterling silver wire option 
  • 20" fine Softflex
  • 6 crimp tubes
  • 1" adjuster chain
  • 1 small circle tag
  • 4 small jump rings
  • a set of stones of your choice! (labradorite, pearl, tourmaline, moonstone)
  • a note with meaning behind your stone of choice
  • a special crimp tube tool!
Choose from some of our fave gemstones packed with all the good stuff we need these days and always: 

Encourages self-acceptance, balance, protection and good fortune
Brings abundance, originality and celebrates independence 
Inspires intuition, balancing of emotions and enhances feminine energies
Soothes the heart, calms the mind and promotes confidence

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