Chunky Charm Bracelet | October 31st | Jewel From Home

Get charmed with us this Halloween as we create your very own charm bracelet!

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Saturday, October 31st @ 3PM EST.

Join us Saturday, October 31st for a charming Halloween Jewel From Home!

Material Details

We are starting you off with one brass moon charm, one majestic labradorite teardrop stone, one round metal disc (to be stamped with your initial!), and a chain tassel at the closure! If you have more charms at home (hot tip old solo earrings make for great charms) we encourage you to add to your bracelet and bling it up - OR as you go through life and collect charms along the way, now you’ll know how to add them! 

Your bracelet materials are available in gold filled or sterling silver. 

Come one, come all!  Can’t wait to make some witchy magic together and see you all conquer this next piece.
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