Chain For Your Sunnies | July 25 | Jewel From Home

uh oh, where are my shades! they were just on my head weren't they?! shooooooot I think I left them on the patio, or by the pool, or in the car, or in a random field never to be retrieved!!! we know that feeling of losing our fave sunglasses a few too many times, so WHAT IF there was a solution?! introducing the first of many Anice sunglasses chain designs, the first of which YOU will learn to make yourself! bonus design detail: your sunglasses chain can double as a necklace! wait until we show you how... 

that's right magic makers: JEWEL FROM HOME HAS RETURNED! after a minor hiatus we are back with a new schedule and new designs for you to create from the comfort of your own home. 

Save The Date

Saturday, July 25th @ 3PM EST.

Join us Saturday, July 25th for our *CHAIN FOR YOUR SUNNIES* jewellery workshop and learn to make your own glasses chain to not only prevent loss of your faves, but to look chic and fab at the same time. 

Material Details

  • gold filled or sterling silver chain option
  • gold filled or sterling silver wire option 
  • 6 clear Swarovski crystal bicones to be individually connected at the front of your shades 
  • 2 rubber attachments to slide onto the sunglass arms 
  • 1 clasp for necklace converting 
  • a surprise bag full of a pinch of special treasures - a gift from us! 

there is still a whole lotta summer ahead so lets adorn our eye protectors shall we?! bring a buddy, come solo - ALL are welcome. no jewellery experience required - your jewel instructors will walk you through every step. we are SOOO excited to create with you again and can't wait to see you in the jewel (aka ZOOM) room!!!

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