Chain For Your Sunnies | Jewel Night Out

uh oh, where are my shades! they were just on my head weren't they?! shooooooot I think I left them on the patio, or by the pool, or in the car, or in a random field never to be retrieved!!! we know that feeling of losing our fave sunglasses a few too many times, so WHAT IF there was a solution?!

introducing the first of many Anice sunglasses chain designs, the first of which YOU will learn to make yourself, all with your best buds with us at Jewel Town!

bonus design detail: your sunglasses chain can double as a necklace! wait until we show you how... 

Jewel Night Out 

Grab up to 6 of your best buds and join us for an unforgettable evening of jewels, fun, wine, safety, and creativity!

Please refer to our workshop safety protocol at this link. Before you book your workshop you must read our safety practices and protocol - as well as share this amongst your guest. Safety is our number one priority!

Material Details

You and your guests can make material decisions when you arrive to the workshop - no need to commit before hand!

  • gold filled or sterling silver chain option
  • gold filled or sterling silver wire option 
  • 6 clear Swarovski crystal bicones to be individually connected at the front of your shades 
  • 2 rubber attachments to slide onto the sunglass arms 
  • 1 clasp for necklace converting 

Your Costs

Our workshop fee is $40/guest, or $50/guest if you under 3 guests total. The workshop materials cost is $60/guest.

When you book your workshop simply select how many guests you would like and the charge will be correct. We have additional materials for sale during the workshop if you need or want more!

Safety is our priority

Make Your Jewel Night Out One-Of-A-Kind