Jewel From Home


jewel from home

online jewellery making workshops with Anice!

create and dream with us... from the comfort of your own home.

work LIVE with Britt (our founder and jewel dreamer), as she teaches and guides you to create your first piece!

finish with a special something for you or a loved one.



Saturday, April 4th @ 3pm

Healing Crystal Necklace Workshop: Quartz Edition

Learn our wire-wrapping jewellery technique that we use on so many of our creations. We will be attaching a beautiful raw quartz with wire, to the chain style of your choice. You will have the option to add more gemstones into the chain if you see fit! *we will be sneaking in a free bag of surprise gems for you to keep on hand as you carry on with future workshops!*







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Pssst...stay tuned for plenty more Jewel From Home workshops coming up! We will be adding new sessions and designs weekly as we build on this interactive experience.

We would love to hear from YOU about what specific pieces or themes you might want to see with these online sessions. Contact us with all your creative ideas and suggestions HERE!
Want to have a creative, private Girls Night IN with your buds?! We have evolved our famous "Girls Night Out Jewellery Party" into a night in with your gals in your own private Google Hangout room.

You will create the design of your choice together, catch up, laugh until you cry, and of course - sip that vino while you're making a memorable friendship piece to connect you all from afar. Get in touch to hear more, or stay tuned as we roll this out over the next week!