Mixed Metal Moon & Sun Dangle Earrings | May 23 | Jewel From Home

We didn't make these earrings...YOU DID! 

Ok, ok, we made these ones but just to show you what YOU can do in next week's #jewelfromhome online workshop!


Saturday, May 23th @ 3PM EST.

For our first earring workshop of the jewel from home series we couldn't exactly do something SIMPLE or basic (basic doesn't exactly belong in our vocabulary as you know), so we wanted to really go for it with not only an earring design, but an ear jacket earring design and a mixed metal one at THAT!

What is an ear jacket you say? It is an earring that has love hanging from the front post AND the back! It's a take on a statement earring but is super light and effortless to wear.

The best part? It's totally unexpected. Here at Anice we love the vibe of when you see something at first glance, you have a first impression or understanding of what it is you are looking at...but THEN when you look closer, there is more detail than you were expecting to see. After-all, isn't that what life is all about any way? Looking beyond and knowing nothing is exactly as it seems from the first look.

The mixed metal thing is really our jam and we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone with these beauties. The detail is subtle but it may open up your jewel horizon and allow you to feel more confident to play and mix and match your pieces. For us, we don't want to have to leave any of our faves behind because they don't match the other metals we are rockin! 


  • sterling silver flat curb chain 
  • sterling silver ball post and backing 
  • gold filled wire 
  • brass Moon charm
  • gold filled disc charm (aka Sun) 
  • 3 labradorite stones 
  • 1 freshwater pearl 
  • 1 clear swarovski crystal 
  • 4 wire wraps in total for this session! 
  • practice wire wrap kit

Mixed metals really just not your jam? No sweat! Let us know you want full silver and we will make it happen!
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