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Old Treasures. New Love: the art of taking old jewels and reviving them! Old Treasures. New Love: the art of taking old, tired or broken jewels and reviving them into something new and wearable today!

Wedding & Engagement: Sara & Mike


Wedding Date:
July 31, 2016

Wedding Location: Ravine Vineyard, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Favourite Wedding Day Moment: Right after the ceremony, Mike and I went with our brother-in-law to take some photos. We were walking around exploring the vineyard and taking some pictures and it really hit us in that moment, just the two of us for the first time that day, that we were husband and wife. It was such a surreal moment and was an amazing chance to just take a look at each other in a rare quiet moment, and at the same time look over and see all of our friends and family there to celebrate with us. 

Why you chose your wedding band design: Mike wanted something simple for his band, but since Britt and the Anice team knew his style so well she suggested doing a brushed metal. She showed us some samples and the worn-in look really appealed to him. The end result was a perfect mix of classic and rustic. 

Engagement Ring: I really wanted to incorporate my late mom's engagement ring into my band. I came into the process with a very open mind and willing to take in the advice and suggestions of the Anice ladies. The end result, a simple hammered band melted down from the metal of my mom's ring, was a perfect way to accentuate the sparkle of my engagement ring and has the quirk and personality that I was looking for. We are so excited about the results!

Duncan Peters
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Wedding Feature: Jenna & Jake

Wedding Date:
September 3, 2016

Wedding Location: Camlachie, Ontario

Favourite wedding day moment: Laying on the beach with all of our friends at midnight watching the stars and drinking rosé  

Why you chose your wedding band design: We both wanted something simple and rustic. Jenna - "My engagement ring is very bold and unique so I wanted something delicate and different to piece together eclectically. The custom matte rose gold rope band was perfect." Jake - "I wanted something timeless, but unique.  I love the matte texture and the rose gold inlay Britt suggested to link to Jenna's rings."

Kayla Rocca Weddings
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