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Old Treasures. New Love: the art of taking old jewels and reviving them! Old Treasures. New Love: the art of taking old, tired or broken jewels and reviving them into something new and wearable today!

Wedding Feature: Jenna & Jake

Wedding Date:
September 3, 2016

Wedding Location: Camlachie, Ontario

Favourite wedding day moment: Laying on the beach with all of our friends at midnight watching the stars and drinking rosé  

Why you chose your wedding band design: We both wanted something simple and rustic. Jenna - "My engagement ring is very bold and unique so I wanted something delicate and different to piece together eclectically. The custom matte rose gold rope band was perfect." Jake - "I wanted something timeless, but unique.  I love the matte texture and the rose gold inlay Britt suggested to link to Jenna's rings."

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