Wedding Feature: Scarlet and Anthony

Wedding Date:  Sept 21, 2016

Wedding Location: High Park... shhh... ;) It was a little guerilla style as we didnt have a permit and no one knew it was there but a select few. We bused in our guests and then left before we got caught. It was exciting.

Favourite wedding day moment: My favourite moment was listening and watching Anthony during his vows. We were pretty emotional that day which to be honest was a total surprise as I was worried we wouldn’t be considering I'm a wedding photographer and I see more than a few weddings a year.  It was the happiest and most emotional day ever. Anthony told me his was, “when we were walking around our neighbourhood taking photos. We passed by a school near Argyle and Shaw and these elementary school kids started to cheer for us until we smooched and they screamed out ‘eeeeeeewww’ as they would especially considering they are still at an age of cooties.”

Why you chose your wedding band design:  We wanted the bands to really represent us in all facets of us as a couple and individuals. Being a wedding photographer, it was important that my band wasn't like anyone else's and I seen sooo many. And I think we did just that. I'm so in love with the bands and play with them all the time. 

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