Wedding & Engagement Feature: Ellen & Troy

Sunday September 11, 2016

Location: We were married at East Room, a co-working space for artists. We wanted a place that felt like our home, if we lived in a really trendy NYC loft. It was an old sugar and/or pie factory (I get mixed information), so that's fun! We also opted for a daytime brunch. Apparently brunch weddings are becoming more trendy, but it was the first we had been to!

Favourite Wedding Day Moment: My favourite part of the wedding weekend was sharing my favourite things with my family and friends—from sharing my love for Troy to a phenomenal locally-sourced dinner the evening before with our family at Evergreen Brick Works' Café Belong. Chef Doug McNish who owns one of our favourite restaurants catered our healthy vegan brunch for us and everything looked absolutely stunning. Food was a big theme! Troy's favourite part was the "first look" reveal we did before the ceremony. He says he loved seeing my wedding look come together. Of course, we also both liked the intimate ceremony too, with 50 of our closest family and friends. It's too hard to pick one thing 'cause we tailored our wedding to be 100% of everything we like, with no extra frills or traditions just because.

Wedding Bands: As far as the bands are concerned, we both opted for something simple. We've been together for nearly 10 years, and our relationship isn't that flashy, and neither are we. I think the bands reflect the ease about our relationship. We're each others' best friends. The engagement ring was an opportunity to be a bit quirkier and showcase some organic stones, but we wanted the bands to have a more timeless feel. 

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