Community Love | Tianna Robinson and Nautica Thompson of Nautana Candles

a quick Q&A with
Tianna Robinson & Nautica Thompson - Founders and Creators of Nautana Candles

Please say hello to Nautana Candles! Nautana is a black-owned environmental wellness brand centralized on self-care. Their mission is to provide others the resources to allow them to reconnect with themselves through a holistic approach. We are also so proud to sell Nautana candles in our shop! Their scents are beyond dreamy and it is such an honour to showcase and celebrate this dynamic duo and their gorgeous products.

describe yourself and what you do.

Tianna & Nautica: Nautana Co. is a home goods and self-care company centralized on mindful living. We strive to inspire the everyday person to take a moment to create their own sense of a welcoming space. We are inspired by aspects of nature, mindfulness and our Afro-Caribbean roots.


what inspires you, drives you and gets you out of bed in the morning?

Tianna & Nautica: Life is long, yet it is short (all depending on how you look at it.) To be granted another day to experience life is what truly inspires us.


how does representation in your community make a difference?

Tianna & Nautica: Representation gives us an opportunity to share our stories, not only of trauma or despair, but ALSO of triumph and victory. It furthers the growth, development and well-being of our community.


what does the idea of “Universal Love” mean to you?


Tianna & Nautica: Love can be felt universally but yet if you ask any individual, their definition of what love is can be quite different. Universal love to us is about allowing ourselves to come together and to be accepting of our differences. In other words, to be unified.


if there was one other person, business or group you want to celebrate, who would it be?

Tianna & Nautica: First of all, we want to celebrate all black-owned creatives and businesses. It truly is inspiring to witness our community break out from generational traumas.


what’s an important lesson you’ve learned that you want to share with the world?

Tianna & Nautica: An important life lesson we've learned is the importance of developing a relationship within yourself. It is important to be kind, honest and hold yourself in high regard.

Check out Nautana HERE and make sure to follow them on IG!

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