The Red Carpet Earrings we can't stop dreaming of...

This awards season has been different than others. This year it's been less about the awards and the dresses, and more about the movement. We've been witness to strong women standing up and using their voice for something that effects people worldwide. As a woman, I have never been more proud and have never felt more heard. 

There is nothing more beautiful than confidence, and thats what we really noticed while scanning the red carpet for "best dressed" and "standout beauty moments". 

Yes, it's no secret... we live for amazing jewellery moments. But we truly believe that this year, paired with the confident women who wore them, the jewellery was a focal point with statement earrings taking the cake. 

Check out a few of our favourite jewels that appeared on the red carpet...


(Images via GETTY)

Maggie Gyllenhaal stuns in these pearl dangles that go on forever... and we're forever in love with them, her and this LOOK. 



Zoë Kravitz. Need we say more? She is absolute perfection and these Emerald coloured statement earrings on her, paired with a bold red lip, is everything. 


Saoirse Ronan killed it in Lady Bird and is killing it on the red carpet. We are just as in love with these statement earrings as we are with how she paired them. Hair pulled back in a messy, undone sort of way with natural makeup and chic earrings? Yes, yes and yes. 


The women of This is Us... you are Queens. The three look radiant in blue and know how to pull the look together with their own take on the statement earring... and This is US loving it.


The only thing that we love more than seeing these beautiful jewellery looks, is recreating them for you. We specialize in custom so anything is possible - including statement earrings that say "I am a powerful woman who will rock a red carpet earring on any damn day that I please!" 


- The Anice Team 

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