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A little Q&A with Lauren Griffith - Founder and CEO of Scrub and Butter. 
Once again, it’s Community Love time!! Say hello to Lauren from @scrubandbutter, our new favourite skincare line out of Toronto! Scrub & Butter is a dynamic daughter / mother duo specializing in quality, moisture-rich, hydrating skincare through thoughtful ingredients, easy-to-understand products, and attention to detail. Lauren and her mom Alyson believe that everyone deserves high-quality, handcrafted products at an affordable price. Check out our inspiring little Q&A with Lauren and get ready to treat yourself!


describe yourself and what you do.

Lauren: I’ve been making my own skincare products for over 10 years. Why? I was tired of buying skincare that didn’t work for me. After several years of research and trial and error, I landed on ingredient blends that addressed my really dry, sensitive skin. Little did I know that this would be the early beginnings of Scrub & Butter!


what inspires you, drives you and gets you out of bed in the morning?

Lauren: the ability to be creative, solve problems and the accomplishment I feel after I've been able to do both!


what’s an important lesson you’ve learned that you want to share with the world?

Laurenl: Have a plan! One that you can clearly articulate and inspire others to help you achieve.


how does representation in your community make a difference?

Lauren: As a Black-woman, it allows me to see what is possible. Also, being able to leverage business knowledge from folks who intimately understand what being a racialized, female business owner is like and the unique challenges that presents is priceless and inspiring!

what does the idea of “Universal Love” mean to you?


Lauren: To love people in the ways they express they want to be loved / supported.



if there was one other person, business or group you want to celebrate, who would it be?


Lauren: A business called soulga yoga. They are a Toronto-based wellness collective that supports the growth of Black, Brown, Indigenous and melanated (BBIMP) wellness professionals (IG @soulgayoga).

Be sure to follow @scrubandbutter and shop their website. Treat yourself to their latest line of body butters for ultra-hydrated, moisturized skin! You’ll be so glad you did!



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