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Old Treasures. New Love: the art of taking old jewels and reviving them! Old Treasures. New Love: the art of taking old, tired or broken jewels and reviving them into something new and wearable today!

Engagement Feature: Gillian & Michael

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Names: Gillian & Michael

Engagement Date: September 3rd, 2016

Engagement Story: I (Michael) had worked a 12 hour day and Gillian had also just finished photographing a beautiful wedding. I knew it would be a lovely evening for her to come home to so I ran to get some flowers and made sure all of the notes and little mail Gill had sent me over the last three years were framed. I lit every single candle we had in the house and waited for Gill to get home, sweating. Once I heard her come in I started to get shaky and so excited - I played our song on my phone. When Gill walked into the living room with that smile across her face I knew I had made the best decision on this moment. I asked her on one knee, she said YES! We sat in the candlelight and stared at the ring while she literally screamed to people walking by on the street "I just got engaged!" it was the most special night of my, and our life!

Why you chose your engagement ring design: This specific design is such a classic, I knew Gill wouldn't want an ice rink for a ring. Something much more simple and minimalist would make Gill so happy.

Why she likes the ring: Gillian loves the fact that the ring is vintage, but has been updated by Anice and me, her finacé! I know she loves yellow gold and the morganite stone is probably her favorite part. The gem is so soft, just like her! Britt helped me so much with creating this ring, and I couldn't be more thankful for her help and genuine excitement for us. We can't wait to get our bands from Anice!



Ring Photography: 
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